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The main objective of our NGO is to assist as many people as possible mainly in mid size & small size corporates, partnership firms, sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises (‘SMEs’), shopkeepers, traders, manufacturers - to make them aware of the legal environment in India which impacts them and aid them in their tax and legal matters by providing consultancy and advice to them. This will help us in achieving our vision of a progressive and friendly business environment with as less hassles as possible which in turn will help in the larger well-being of our economy.

We firmly believe that with our support in tax and legal matters not only the traders, shopkeepers, SMEs, manufacturers etc will directly stand to gain but indirectly the end consumer (due to right  practices and structured way of doing business) and our Government will stand to gain due to increase in production, commerce, income, tax collections (both direct tax and indirect tax such as sales tax, customs, excise etc) thus leading to the overall betterment of the society and increase in the GDP of our country. 

Our major emphasis shall be educating the businesses about their responsibilities towards environment protection and preservation. We aim to assist them in complying with the environmental laws and good practices.

We give free advice and consultancy in Legal and Taxation matters. We also provide legal support in business disputes and actively work for dispute resolution by way of mediation and advice. We have been giving free legal support to individuals and small business in their legal problems ranging from family dispute, commercial disputes, pending litigations and tax claims and liabilities.

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