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Dispute Resolution

There is history of multiple disputes in various courts of India leading to the wastage of productive time and the resources. As seen, litigation is no means of furtherance of any business idea or proposition – for disputes which are already there, mediation is a better solution. We would strive to help the relevant section of the economic society to reduce litigation by providing services such as mediation, arbitration, out of court settlement etc. 

Disputes in the area of property and intellectual property rights (IPR), partnership disputes, family business are widespread due to unstructured way of doing business.  Such disputes cost large amount of money and time is wasted. With our experienced lawyers who have in-depth understanding of such issues, we would aim to help the society in structuring the family business, partnerships in the most efficient manner as a ‘prevention’ and also support in mediation and dispute resolution as a ‘cure’ to an already existing dispute. 

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