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Current & Proposed

Current & Proposed

Current Activities:

  • Studies on environmental and labour laws with emphasis on practical problems and challenges in their implementation. We are engaged in studies with respect to E-waste Management and Sexual Harassment at Work Places.
  • Research and Publications – We had created a platform where we are publishing legal books for the benefit of corporate and legal world. The governing body members are seasoned professionals who had authored many legal.
  • We are publishing legal updates and News in our Website.
  • Interaction with Regulators and Government departments. We share our finding and studies with government departments and regulators and also interact with them to know the gaps between the desired and actual compliances of the laws. Our aim is to identify the reasons of such gaps and steps that can be taken to close such gaps.
  • Seminar or discussion with Professional Groups and bodies. We are holding small discussion among professional groups and we plan to hold seminars in large scale once we had enough financial capabilities.
  • Mobile App – “Legitax Library” –  A free legal library for all, its available on android and IOS. This App is used by around 1200 professionals spread all over India. This application contains more than 500 statutes and 20 books on legal subjects.
  • Mobile App – “Authors Finder” –  A free platform for all aspiring writers and readers,  its available on android and IOS.
  • Advice: We giving free advice to small businesses and weaker sections of society in their litigation and legal matters.
  • Arbitration & Conciliation: We as a legal professionals assisting the needy and poor people in their matters related to personal, property or business disputes and discuss with both the parties and make effort to settle these matters by making both the parties understand what they stand to lose and what will eventually happen. We make them understand the futility of such litigations. We intend to do this in large scale with support of various BAR associations with respect to such pending cases in the courts or matters registered in police stations.
  • Public Interest matters : We take up with relevant authorities the matter which are in interest of public at large specifically impacting business environment. One such matter in which we have filed complained of the company “Ringing Bells (P) Ltd.” with the various government agencies and regulators including Delhi Police and UP Police as this involved large number of people and will have negative impact on the progressing business environment and discredit the initiatives for development of manufacturing in India. We are discussing with the government agencies on the development and issues related to such scheme and how this or any other such schemes should be tackled or thwarted. 
  • Protection and encouragement of Women Employment: We conduct studies and presentation on issues related to women employment conditions and their empowerment. We had advised to various organizations on the issues related to sexual harassment at work places. 

Proposed Activities:

  • For a continued and sustained development of our vision, we would also promote research in the study of Indian Legal and Taxation system.  To encourage more and more people to join our vision and support us in this cause, we shall give prizes for excellence in the field of Law and Taxation including indirect taxation and also grant scholarships or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of Law.
  • In the long run, we also would develop a good teaching faculty and invite experts in the field of Law and Taxation and promote research, documentation and dissemination on the various aspects of Legal and taxation framework.
  • A sustained program or series of program / moments for making Delhi an exemplary State & City in terms of living conditions, Law & Order and safety.

    Few of the Campaigns we wish to undertake are:
    • Clean Roads Clean Lungs: For making roads in Delhi free from parked vehicles and encroachments.
    • My right to walk: Freeing Pavements from encroachments.
    • Green Delhi: safeguarding the green areas, like gardens, forests and other green patches. Reclaiming the encroached Green Areas.
    • Polluting units in Delhi & NCR
    • Save Yamuna : from pollutions and encroachments
    • Waste Disposal System
    • Educating Organizations in power saving and environment contribution.
    • Eyes on the Road: Road safety campaigns specially for safety of women.

What we intend to offer IHC and its members as our contribution in forwarding the great legacy created by this esteemed Organization:

  • Our time and efforts in the matters related to legal, financial and compliance fields. We offer that we will support the cause of IHC and its members on no profit basis in any such areas.
  • We offer to provide our compliance system for legal compliance and procedural control on no profit basis.
  • Environment Protection is our one of the objectives and we wish to offer our services in any such activities taken by IHC or its members.

How to participate