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Legal & Tax Aid is a registered NGO formed by the experienced legal and tax professionals comprising of Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Cost Accountants in India.

Perplexed by the poverty and lack of development and infrastructure in the country even after more than six decades of self rule and massive strides in technological advancement this group of professionals set out to find reasons for such anomaly with objective to contribute in eradication of stumbling blocks on the way to development and prosperity.

We realized that one of the primary reasons for widespread poverty and underdevelopment is lack of employment due to missing manufacturing enterprises. Our organization comprises of long standing professionals with enriching and good years of experience in their respective professions, who share passion to work relentlessly in the area of legal awareness and also share the passion and vision to provide litigation support to the needy people and society at large. We have collectively pledged to translate our passion into a tangible form and have been successful in giving a structured form to this NGO.

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